How to Turn On Bluetooth on Windows 11 4 Easy Methods

Your screen should now display if Windows 11 is ready to be installed on your PC. If it is, you can click on Stay on Windows 10 for now. As to whether the improvements and additions will collectively be viewed as significant? We didn’t think the UI updates added up to much, either, but I’m holding the door open for some more meaningful advances on June 24. I’m not certain that Windows 11 is a “huge upgrade” because ultimately, that term is in the eyes of the beholder. If Windows 11 helps x86 PCs run at lower power consumption because it pushes workloads to the small cores the way macOS does, is that a huge upgrade?

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Just click on the lines, highlights, etc., that you drew to erase them one stroke at a time. But I still want the screenshot to be stored automatically in some folders. If you want more details about how to use Snip & Sketch, try this article. You can open the program, and you’ll also see a list of the recent Word documents you’ve opened. The Start menu is still a cluttered mess, but they’re making some progress.

  • Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.
  • In that case, just run the executable from the download folder to install the newest driver.
  • You can use this file to create your own bootable USB drive.

If the concerned services are not working or stopped, it can be the reason as well. If the Bluetooth drivers on your system are outdated, that might cause the problem. Try this registry tweak If non of above solutions didn’t resolve the issue.

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Run services.msc in Run boxIt will open up the list of all the services on your system. If your Bluetooth driver is not updated, it will not run properly. Updating your Bluetooth driver will help you resolve the issue and turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10. Are you still facing issues when you try to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10? Well, in that case, you might need to dig deeper and find a solution. Let’s explore some solutions that Driversol can help you resolve the issue.

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